A Few of My Strange Life Goals

Here is a short list of somewhat strange and nonsensical things that I REALLY want in my life. In no particular order.

  • A cat island. Puppies are invited too, but only if they play nicely. Seriously, I want to live on an island designed entirely for cats. There would be sunny lounging spots, comfy blankets, cat trees (and real trees), catnip plants, and plenty of humans to love them all. Ok, this is mostly a joke. I don’t know if I would really like living on an island full of cats. But I am an animal lover and I would love to be able to give a home to every cat and dog that needs one. Also, there is already a real cat island in Japan. Seriously.


  • Flowing pink mermaid hair. I have always wanted to grow my hair as long as possible and dye it pink. Maybe someday when I’m less concerned about the effects of bleach on my hair and have a different job I will finally get to dye it PINK! Like this picture.


  • An entire room filled with books. Possibly my bedroom. Or a sunroom/library. Anywhere that I can curl up in a comfy chair with an unlimited supply of books.


A few things on my more realistic life goals list include finding a literary agent (!), becoming a published author, traveling the world, making many wonderful new friends and getting together with old ones as often as possible, and possibly overcoming some of my fears (fear of the dark, fear of heights, ect.).

Does anyone else have any strange life goals?


One thought on “A Few of My Strange Life Goals

  1. I’m working on the library! I’d like to visit all 50 US states. Wear a strapless, red satin evening gown. Act in a play. Milk a cow. Go to a silent retreat. Host a candle-making party. Attend a Slow Food festival. Pose nude.


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