So You Wrote a Book

Hello internet world, it’s been awhile.

What’s happened since my last post? Not a lot. I didn’t win the lottery.

I did get a part-time job as a receptionist in an office building working with some lovely (and interesting) people. I start work at 12:30 which is perfect for me. 1. Because I like to sleep in, or at least have the option to. And 2. Because it gives me time to write and revise in the mornings before work!

I’ve been driving to a coffee shop a few hours before work and working on manuscript revisions (which are going really well and making me even more excited to start querying). I’ve learned that I really enjoy doing my manuscript work in coffee shops. I’ve been sitting in the bar stool section of this particular Starbucks every morning because it’s been so busy and every morning I’ve formed some sort of camaraderie/bond with the other bar stool sitters. We all have our laptops and notebooks and tablets propped up in front of us and our elbows tucked in to keep from hitting each other and we all seem to be in the same boat. This morning my fellow bar stool sitters and I engaged in a brief and friendly conversation about the odd and slightly obnoxious music that was playing. We all watched each others things in turn and apologized if we were taking up too much space. When I eventually made to leave I said goodbye to the gentleman next to me and told him that I was going to work but that I felt like the work I was doing while at Starbucks was my real job. He made a joke that with all the typing I was doing I could be writing a novel. Why yes, nice gentleman at Starbucks, I AM writing a novel. I wrote a novel. I’m almost done revising a novel. The look he gave me when I told him that was slightly awed. Possibly because I look too young to have written a full novel. Possibly because he really was just joking. He didn’t think the random 22 year old girl next to him had actually written a novel.

Here’s something about being a writer (or at least being me). We do most of our work alone. I don’t hang out with other people who have written or who are writing books. I wish I did, but I don’t. So instead I read writers blogs and interviews and twitter feeds. I read their success stories and failures and I read how many people are writing. To me it feels like everyone. Everyone is writing a book. Everyone has written a book and isn’t able to find an agent or publisher ect. OR they’ve written a book and are being offered multi-million dollar books deal. Either way, EVERYONE is writing a book. so in my private internet world having written a book isn’t impressive. Like at all. In my internet world I’m pretend friends with bestselling authors but I’m not even querying agents yet. I just wrote a book. But that’s the EASY part. At least in this world. So I always feel a little awkward when I tell people I’ve written a book or talk with family and friends about it. But the look the gentleman from Starbucks gave me this morning was beyond impressed. As I waved and walked away I could feel his eyes following me with interest (sounds creepy when I say it like that, or like it’s the start of a romance novel…) and I realized for the first time that not everyone lives in my world. To most people writing a book IS a big deal. And maybe I should be a bit more gracious when people congratulate me. Because even if I can’t find an agent or get it published I know that I wrote a book and I can do it again. And not everyone can do that.

So, if you’ve ever said something to me along the lines of it’s cool/impressive/awesome that you wrote a book I’m very sorry if I responded awkwardly. I feel like I don’t have the right to talk about it or be proud of it until I’m a published author actually making money (wait, does that happen?). I’m not promising I’ll stop being awkward about it, but I will start trying to be proud of my accomplishments, and more gracious when people compliment me on writing a book.

I’m pretty sure that post strayed away from what I originally meant to write about but now I can’t remember what I was going to write in the first place. Maybe next post…

Happy Thursday!


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