Any Questions for the Plant Girl?

Hey! For anyone out there that doesn’t know me in a real-life kind of way, I was raised at a (plant) nursery called Garland Nursery. Garland Nursery is a family owned business named after my Great Great (I’m pretty sure it’s two greats) Grandmother Garland and growing up there was pretty wonderful (except the parts that I complain about in the post… the toiling away in planting beds and watering plants all summer) but overall pretty wonderful. My aunt Brenda asked me to write a guest post for the Nursery’s blog, A View From the Barn and I happily agreed. You can find my post here.


I will continue to guest post for the Nursery sporadically and I would love some ideas for what readers would like to hear about. I’m not a plant expert (I garden on a very small scale and at one point I told my father that I love a well maintained yard, I would just like to pay someone to maintain it for me) but I did spend eighteen or so years of my life running around a nursery and helping my landscape architect father. Any questions or ideas for a post that would interest you?

Also, here is Garland Nursery’s Website and Facebook. The Nursery is amazing and I’m pretty proud to be a part of it.

Happy Thursday!


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