Good News!

I have been massively failing on the blogging front lately, but I just finished the first draft of my manuscript! So I don’t feel too bad about the lack of blogging…

I had been taking a break from writing for the last couple of weeks because I was packing and then moving and then unpacking and decorating ect. but I really only had a few scenes left to write. So I spent the entire day today writing (seriously, I got 20 pages done today!) and finished all the scenes I had left.

I wrote the beginning and then end of the manuscript a few months ago, but I’ve been steadily working on making the middle stronger ever since, and I finally connected the middle scenes up with the ending. It comes in at 69,430 words (260 manuscript pages) and I’m really excited about it! I did take some parts out earlier because they were from a different characters pov and most of the book is narrated by my main character, but I might add them back in so it could get a little longer… But it also could get a little shorter after editing so we’ll see. I will keep everyone updated on my editing process and how everything is going. Hopefully editing will take a lot less time than the writing. 🙂


One thought on “Good News!

  1. Yeah!!!! I know an author! I met a lady here in Salt Lake who is a publisher a few years ago. Let me know what your next step is and if you want me to call her or contact her.

    Way to go! I’m sure it takes extreme effort and are you every really “finished”? But I’m sure it’s amazing.



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