Good News!

I have been massively failing on the blogging front lately, but I just finished the first draft of my manuscript! So I don’t feel too bad about the lack of blogging…

I had been taking a break from writing for the last couple of weeks because I was packing and then moving and then unpacking and decorating ect. but I really only had a few scenes left to write. So I spent the entire day today writing (seriously, I got 20 pages done today!) and finished all the scenes I had left.

I wrote the beginning and then end of the manuscript a few months ago, but I’ve been steadily working on making the middle stronger ever since, and I finally connected the middle scenes up with the ending. It comes in at 69,430 words (260 manuscript pages) and I’m really excited about it! I did take some parts out earlier because they were from a different characters pov and most of the book is narrated by my main character, but I might add them back in so it could get a little longer… But it also could get a little shorter after editing so we’ll see. I will keep everyone updated on my editing process and how everything is going. Hopefully editing will take a lot less time than the writing. 🙂